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Why am I so anxious, and find it difficult to communicate?

I have become increasingly anti-social over the last 5 years.

I went through a time of extreme anxiety/ panic attacks, that I believe only went away as I am not working right now. My anxiety is majorly social, although I am prone to constant racing thoughts/over thinking everything. In the past months, I have had much difficulty sleeping, and usually pass out mid-day when my body gives out, and usually my mind is still unrelenting.

I am constantly concerned with what others think of me, and feel as though I never fit in, or certainly never have anything worth while to say. Growing up, and in high school, I would be absolutely shocked to hear this is what would become of me.

I have a stellium in the 3rd house with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and though I still consider myself a strong beginner with Astrology, I believe this means I should find communication important. Which I do; I just have such difficulty with it.

Will I ever get over this? I have become so reclusive that I only feel comfortable with the 2 people closest to me (boyfriend and Mother) although I have a handful of friends left. I have a strong desire to go to school, get back to work (moon in 10th house?) but the thought of doing anything other than shopping gives me instant anxiety.

Any help, insight, suggestions are so very appreciated. Also, I am very new to the community

Thanks again

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