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Re: Predominance in cadent houses


The keywords I used earlier ring through my life with every passing year. Commitments can be tricky because my interests and desires change. Now how does one maintain commitments if one's inner thoughts etc. change? The risk of inconsistency as you mentioned could mean never fulfilling important plans. That definitely poses problems for work and love etc. After years of this, I realized I needed to bring some goals to fruition, and I have been.
And the risk of consistency is to focus too much in only one way to see your life, dullness, stubborness and lack of variety. Actualy i've never said that inconsistency is a bad adjective "per se"

I think others can look at us as a well-spring of ideas. We're EXTREMELY absorbent of ideas and experiences and that is a mark of intelligence, curiosity and could be a sign of wisdom later on, it seems to me. Cadence I don't think means ineffectual or that we are forced to run on everyone else's plans - oh no. Idea-people, therefore problem-solvers in our own right and creative too.
I think that's true, for me it is, the 9th house rings perfectly for me in every sense, im very good in the realm of ideas, i had problems with authorities and education, i traveled a lot by my own at a very young age, so when i saw what the 9th house mean, i was like OMFG!! that's me haha.
I change my prorities a lot, but i think i have a very stoic predisposition after all, i never suffered ostracism, and even in my most edgy and crazy periods , i always knew who i am and what im not.
But yeah, maybe im not practical and i have a very erratic behaviour too. (Asc Piscis)

I'm not sure if you're looking to explore ideas on this one or do need some direction for personal research. I'll keep an eye out (and scratch my head for what I've read already) and post any good research on the way.
That would be nice, thank you.
Actually i need some directions (not only regarding the houses) so any feedback that you could give me is good

p.s. one more thing, you mentioned you've a stellium in the 9th? I read an astrologer (Russell Grant, You Can Change Your Life) say that a stellium in one sign or house, with or without the Sun can 'out-gun even the Sun sign'. A stellium in the 9th rings Sagittarius. You might find a long and insightful path of research into Sagg. What's your Sun sign? It doesn't mean you are a Sag but I would definitely consider it strongly in conjunction with all your plans.
Okay let's see...
9th house: Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto. ( The three last mentioned planets are in conjunction within 21 and 24 degrees)
12th house: Saturn ( square Pluto/Mercury/Mars)

I didn't mentioned earlier but i have MC Sagitarius and the stellium takes place in Scorpio. And also the nort node in Sagg ( i heard that's in fall there)

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