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Re: Predominance in cadent houses

Originally Posted by byjove View Post
Hi Richard,

I've a fair few of these too. People often say we're very flexible, adaptable and also changeable. I agree with each of these ideas.

Do you see this in yourself?

Flexible, we are more available and perhaps a touch easy going

Adaptable, we change change to new circumstances, like chameleons,

Changeable, we ourselves desire frequent change and pursue it. That can mean cutting attachments or ties to things to achieve that. Every third sign is the one that prepares for change, motion, new and with such an emphasis on this in our charts I tend to find we are exactly like that.

Does anyone else with a heavy cadence find the same or otherwise?

p.s. aspects and signs can add or subtract from this. Imagine you've Mercury in Taurus in the 9th, opposite Saturn. Cadent but a whole lot more than just that. There's a double fixed bent. Or consider Venus in the 3rd of Gemini sextile the Moon and Mars. Motion plus motion plus action. Some astrologers focus on 'singletons', only one planet in a house type, element, etc. and that one planet can SPEAK very loudly. Any of those circumstances can add more natural variety to your chart.

Sort of, im very standoffish, but i also want constant change, i never did well in structured enviroments, i have mood swings ( maybe this is because i have the moon opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Aries in my chart and also im Piscis ASC). Im always ready for my life to change.

Inconsistent i think is the best word to describe a person with a cadent house predominance, but im not sure, there are other factors too.
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