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Re: Predominance in cadent houses

Look at the placements RELATIVELY (relative to other planets placements) NOT as absolutes; also, if a planet is particularly difficult in a chart you would WANT it to be cadent, so that its - influences would be decreased in their expressions; remember, though that if most or all of the planets are cadent, then there will still be a level of expression among them, they will not be "negated" or "blocked out" by their cadent positions.
Historically, the 9th house was considered "almost succedent", the 3rd house was considered next in line (among the cadents), with the 6th and 12th considered "the most" cadent, and the 8th house was also considered much more defacto "cadent" than succedent. In Vedic astrology the 5th and 9th houses are considered very significant and potent (called trikkona houses); let me add that there is a very great deal of difference of opinion regarding this entire matter of houses and angularity (succedency and cadency), and-excepting the angles themselves-a great deal of the information/doctrines involved, are in fact quite theoretical...
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