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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Originally Posted by Tanuj Srivastava View Post
Hello Creativei Sir I just wanted to know regarding following-

Career and Financial Status

Sir Please mention the exact month of 2021 when I will get the job?


How much income will I be able to generate in my life through my own efforts?

Can I become a millionaire or a billionaire according to my horoscope?

Will I be rich in my life? Will I have a lot of wealth and money? Will I have a luxurious life?

Will I have a good career that can provide me with a lot of income, position of authority, status and recognition in society? Will I attain name and fame?

Should I do a job or business which is more suitable for me?


Sir Please mention the exact month and year when I will get married?

What kind of wife will I get?
Please predict her looks, physique, character, family, financial status, study, career. Thanks!

What do you think the physical appearance of my future spouse would be like? Please predict her complexion.

Will it be love marriage or arrange marriage?

How will my married life be?

Foreign Settlement


Eye Surgery

Creativei Sir I have high myopia (nearsightedness) -6.5 in both the eyes. I have eye related problems. I wear prescription eye glasses. I have weak eyesight and vision.
I had great eyesight till 2010.

Will I regain perfect eyesight which I had since childhood till 2010? I wear eye glasses and I hate wearing them I am thinking of LASIK eye surgery for removing glasses.
I am wanting to get Lasik eye surgery for vision correction to remove myopia.

Should I go for Lasik eye surgery?

Could you please let me know if my stars are in favor or not?
What days are the best and what should I avoid?

Hair Loss Problem

I am also suffering from male pattern baldness since 2017. I had thick lush strong hair since birth till 2017. I am undergoing hair treatment like PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy from Jan 2019 till now. Results so far have been moderate. I might have to go for hair transplant.

Please tell how would my hair be in future? I don't want to go bald my father has male pattern baldness so it is genetic for me. I am losing hair from the front and middle area the forehead and the crown portion.

Will I regain all of my hair which I had since childhood till 2017. I had really great hair but right now they have reduced in density and volume. I want all of my hair back Please do tell?

Should I go for hair transplant?

Thanks Creativei Sir It has been wonderful talking to you
Hope you can clarify all these questions I have in my mind.

Dear tanuj listen to me first of all dont get too serious in life have calm and cool disposition ypu are still young gona have to achieve many , so dont worry much and becomes restless that itself makes you sick , there are many person in the world suffering more than us ours is nothing before that . also there is no use of weeping everyday . have positive attitude towards life , engage yourself in something , make yourself busy ,have healthy hobbies , go out enjoy the things around you., play simulation games . chat with parents and siblings . read newspapers and watch tv . life changes sure , it will be like that now , but when dasa bukti changes situations too changes , your mindset also changes .

You get job in 2021 between may to july . rahu bukti guru antar , it happens suddenly . mostly in mnc .

yours is not dhana yoga chart u just earn money to live . 2nd lord in rahu star , actually it indicates poverty . but since 2nd lord in 1st also jupiter aspects 2nd you are saved . so don't have huge expectations and dreams ,it good if you earn properly without obstacle , plan your savings properly . money is wasted lot . you even fall into alcohol habits later part of life . no own business and all this chart is not a dhana yoga chart nor business man chart . just work under someone .

Reg wife complexion since 7th lord in scorpio aspected by saturn . she is somewhat medium complexion swarthy . but highly controlling wife . very hard worker . comes from, distant land , another state . has irritable nagging nature . she not wealthy ,comes from middle class hard working family . but wise and spiritual . she harsh in speech and attitude courageous . never care attitude . ill temper suddenly utters big words without thinking . so careful with her , if you are submissive fine . else she never gives **** to you . !

reg forgein you get those opportunities in rahu bukti . last bukti of jupiter dasa , after that saturn no need to say it take you forgein only . he is lord of 9th forgein settlement . by the end of 2024 you will pack up .

Reg eye trouble yeah yes 2nd lord in rahu star gives eye trouble that rahu is with 6th lord aspecting 2nd lord is very clear . but dont worry since jupiter aspects 2nd you wont have major trouble . this saturn dasa is good for you .

Saturn is in jupiter star so it gives forgein job / settlement and marriage . but only thing is you will have lots of debts , so take care of that . don't spend recklessly , plan your savings well , your enemies will trouble you , you spend much for health . so take care .

reg baldness, sun indicates baldness . sun in 1st , 2nd or 7th gives baldness sun is in kanya rasi which is barren sign so it gives hair loss . saturn indicates hair ,is aspected by rahu is also reason .

go to tirupati once and give tonsure and pray to lord balaji with wholeheartedly ,within 4 months you get all your hair back .. sage agastya says this . try for once ...

your marriage happiness in 2028 . 32yrs . 7th lord aspected by saturn . gives late marriage but long lasting .
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