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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Originally Posted by Tanuj Srivastava View Post

Creativei Sir when do you think my life will get better? When my mars antardasha starts in September 2020 will that be the beginning of the good period of my life?

Also Sir how do you think my rahu antardasha in September 2021 be like?

Sir I you mentioned that I have one break up . love failure
But Sir I have never been in a relationship with anyone. I have hardly talked to women other than my mother and my relatives. Maybe you are talking about the future that I might be having one break up love failure.

Sir, you said that there is no chance of a foreign spouse for me.
But Sir I am not interested in marrying anybody from India as I am not interested in Indian culture and people. I would rather remain single throughout my life than marry somebody from India.
Sir, I am only interested in western culture and people.

Sir as far as my father is concerned so far he has very poor income and career. He is currently a chartered valuer but hardly gets any clients. He has a poor job.

Sir please make predictions about my mother because so far in my life I have gained much more from her than I have from my father. She is richer than him and has a government job. She is a better person as well compared to my father.
I like my mother more than my father.

Sir, you said that I will reside in foreign land and also get a job in foreign land.
Sir When do you think will I be able to go to a foreign country and get a foreign job?
Sir Will I be able to settle in foreign country permanently?

Also Sir if I can go to foreign land then why can't I get a foreign spouse because I only like foreign western culture and people.
Sir it would make me very happy if I can go to a foreign country and settle there permanently by obtaining citizenship of foreign country.

Thank You Creativei Sir you have been great help
Please do look into and let me know the various points and queries I mentioned in my feedback.

Hi tanuj i already answered enough but still not satisfied , its all because your moon , since its in rahu star you are filled lots of confusion , it gives restless mind . nobody will say like me ,even a paid astrologer wont even tell this much , since im highly concerned about queries and worries , i wished to make you happy , its sad that i failed in that . its ok . it happens because everyone life controlled by planets and nakshatras , its nothing on our hands .

Ask any important q's now that should be clear and final . after you should not ask further and thereby develop the length of thread . its my kind request .

please place any 3 q's and i will respond full in detail .
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