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Re: When Will I get a Job?

lol Tanujk u asking so many questions very confused and worried person you are i thought my reply will satisfy you and make you happy but its ok , i take it as challenge this time i tell even more specific .

What i told was right indeed you are like that but thing is it comes later .

do you know what stopping you from that your moon placed in aridra rahu star for rahu moon is his n0.1 enemy aridra means teardrop person undergoes many traumatic conditions in life , u saying i often have suicidal thoughts thats because moon in rahu star , cursed moon it is . and your rahu is in 5th with mars who is your 6th and 11th lord , thats y u r experiencing many problems

do u know the astrological term called neenchabanga rajayoga you have that , ie first half of your life filled with many miseries from home life to prob to social everything gets blow only after that person will get what he lost . that is neecha banga first blow then success . dnt wry you are about to get everything back .

jupiter is your 10th and 7th lord is in 6th house of enemies debts and diseases and that jupiter is aspected by 8th and 9th lord saturn 8th house means struggle suicidal tendencies humilations etc , tanuj generally jupiter spoils where he sits but its aspects get purifed from 6th he aspects 10th , 12th and 2nd indeed u see improvements in these houses for sure . no doubt . and that jupiter is in saturn constellatipn ,

both saturn mars are showing their 8th , 6th powers first respectively when they show 9th 11th house powers , which happens later you will see many changes . good changes .

also for ubaya lagna (dual sign asc) 7th house is both maraka and badhaka as well thats y u facing problems but dnt wry u have long life .

reg job query as i said before u get only when its destined , not for u completed mba . fate wont favor you only because u r educated infact there are many persons who are highly educated are in home without job ,i know many like that . for them guru placed in kendra houses yet still not employed , u having 6th house guru and u want everything in overnight ? friend first know the reality of life , observe everyone around you , take their experience . having highly qualified is not all , it doesn't have any worth when it comes reality , u know that by experience ..

indeed u get job in 2021 only , moon bukti is not possible since moon rahu are enemies , moon is in rahu constellation . even moon desire to give rahu stops . planets too have ego like us !

with 2nd lord moon in rahu star and 10th lord jupiter is in saturn star anuradha , anuradha natives resides in foregin land .

you also have one break up . love failure .

no tanuj there is no chances of foregin spouse to u , she may be same country but different state or culture .

venus is in kanya kanya is 6th house of kalapurusha also that venus in sun star so it should give spouse from service sector specifically govt . 7th lord in 6th should give wife from service sector . 6th house along 3rd house is service .

reg father as i said sun in virgo should give a businessman father or farmer father , since it with venus though its debilitated father is well to do , or at-least some what ok . in order to know about father one should see 9th from , from kanya taurus is 9th , taurus as a 9th should give wealthy pretty financially sound dad , since its debilitated he is not well to do but as i said again he will gain lot in future . because mercury is strong there . but of course you both have difference of opinions sure as it happens in every home .

n tanuk govt job is not possible for u. kingly planets are afflicted mere aspect of sun to 10th house wont give govt job , it may govt favors not govt job . u get only mnc job in foregin land ..

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