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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Originally Posted by creativei View Post
Hi tanuj

just saw your chart . you are gemini asc gemini rasi . you have all qualities o buddha in full form , like communication , intelligence , detexrity of mind multi tasking , social , good at team work etc .

currently u r running jupiter dasa lord of 7th and 1oth . that jupiter placed in 6th house which is some what problematic . not in terms of negative but it makes you hard work , rewards comes after long battle . you have many enemies in your workplace who does underground things to pull your leg . office politics will make you tired , your senior or HR will try every means to stop you getting from promotions . they say ill about you to your boss , so be prepared for all . but jupier in 6th gives victory over enemies , excellent communicator . you speech will have high level of influence than your earnings ! .

mars rahu in 5th gives disturbed mind mind is filled with negative thoughts , friends become enemies one day and back stabs you . you are bit angry short temper person , acts first then think later . you missed many things due to that .

your spouse most probably a teacher or govt employee ! .

you get foreign job likely , since 10th lord aspected by 9th lord .

relationship with father is good , no enmity and all .except few difference of opinions . father is wealthy learned spiritual , may be doing business . .

theres no possiblity of govt job for you , since 10th lord in anuradha nak it takes you to foregin land , that nak lord saturn is also in 9th house of foregin . you will work here sometime then it takes to forgein land , 80 % of mithuna lagna persons either work as teacher or working in forgein .

you get job in 2021.... do inform me when this happens so that i will be happy that my words came true ! .
Thank You creativei for the profound analysis and insight.

My feedback

Sir you mentioned I am gemini asc gemini rasi I have all qualities o buddha in full form , like communication , intelligence , detexrity of mind multi tasking , social , good at team work etc .

Creativei Sir I am a gemini asc and gemini rasi but still I am kind of an introvert and shy type. I have become slightly more mature with time now but used to hesitate a lot in school and college. Even though I have all qualitites of buddha mercury and being a gemini asc I should have an extroverted bold personality,I really am somewhat an introverted and soiltude loving person . I don't why this is maybe because I have Moon placed in the asc which make me emotional and sensitive by nature. I am not a social person which gemini people are supposed to be.

Also Jupiter Mahadasha from 2008 till now has been extremely painful and depressing for me. I feel suicidal and helpless. I am hopeless and purposeless. My life seems meaningless. I have no self-confidence. I am unemployed. I don't like my parents especially my Father.

Creativei Sir Will I get job in 2021 only or do you think it could be in 2020?
maybe when Jupiter transits in Capricorn in my 8th house in conjunction with Saturn from March 30 to June 30 2020. I might be able to get a job then.2021 is really too late for me and it will be a very long wait for me to get a job. I want a job right now as soon as possible. I completed my MBA in June 2019.

Also Creativei Sir When do you think I might be able to GO ON A FOREIGN TRIP AND WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO ATTAIN FOREIGN SETTLEMENT?
I am quite interested and attracted to the foreign especially english speaking developed countries western culture and western people like-USA,Canada,Australia and European Countries.

Creativei Sir you mentioned that my spouse most probably a teacher or govt employee Sir do you think I can get a foreign spouse?

Also Creativei Sir my father is not wealthy at all infact he has very poor and horrible income and career. It is my mother who has the better income and career as she is a retired government doctor.
I dislike my father more than my mother as my father is a very egoistic and an obnoxious individual. He is very unlikable and argumentative person. He is a very toxic and irritating person. He talks very loudly as well and has a lot of ego. My elder brother who is 14 years older than me doesn't like him either.

Creativei Sir Will I never get a government job even though Sun aspects my 10th house? Although Sun is of 0 degree in my horoscope.

Thank You Creativei Sir I will definitely let you know when I get a job and how my life pans out in future.

Sir please do look into and let me know the various points and queries I mentioned in my feedback. Thanks.
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