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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Hi tanuj

just saw your chart . you are gemini asc gemini rasi . you have all qualities o buddha in full form , like communication , intelligence , detexrity of mind multi tasking , social , good at team work etc .

currently u r running jupiter dasa lord of 7th and 1oth . that jupiter placed in 6th house which is some what problematic . not in terms of negative but it makes you hard work , rewards comes after long battle . you have many enemies in your workplace who does underground things to pull your leg . office politics will make you tired , your senior or HR will try every means to stop you getting from promotions . they say ill about you to your boss , so be prepared for all . but jupier in 6th gives victory over enemies , excellent communicator . you speech will have high level of influence than your earnings ! .

mars rahu in 5th gives disturbed mind mind is filled with negative thoughts , friends become enemies one day and back stabs you . you are bit angry short temper person , acts first then think later . you missed many things due to that .

your spouse most probably a teacher or govt employee ! .

you get foreign job likely , since 10th lord aspected by 9th lord .

relationship with father is good , no enmity and all .except few difference of opinions . father is wealthy learned spiritual , may be doing business . .

theres no possiblity of govt job for you , since 10th lord in anuradha nak it takes you to foregin land , that nak lord saturn is also in 9th house of foregin . you will work here sometime then it takes to forgein land , 80 % of mithuna lagna persons either work as teacher or working in forgein .

you get job in 2021.... do inform me when this happens so that i will be happy that my words came true ! .

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