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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Originally Posted by Tanuj Srivastava View Post

Kshantaram Sir is Venus Combusted By Sun in 8 degree ORB in my horoscope?

Sir is the presence of Sun resulting in Uccha Bhanga or Cancellation of Exaltation for Mercury?

Sir is the presence of Sun reducing the effect of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga formed by Venus?

Is Sun negatively affecting and reducing the powers of both Venus and Mercury?

thanks for the volley of questions as usual,
sans feedbacks on ground realities and plans, sharing experience,
then you will leave n move to another set of questions!!

venus is both neecha and combust impacting health-marriage,
and have suggested wearing diamond,
though could promote artistic tastes, pharma, electricals n electronics, etc;
venus debilated virgo is selfish/self-centred in approach
unlike venus pisces elevated and selfless in approach;

sun-mer are friends and supplement each other
making budhatitya yoga representing intellect!
mer elevated in 4th,
growth-riches through intellectual pursuits already said;

mer elevated neechabhanga of venus, gradual rise in life;

- do you consider yourself intellectually capable in any area,
critical thinking and attitude, audit-editorial-quality control roles etc,
literary-oratory-astro aptitudes;
- is neecha venus impacting your health-vitality, and attitude towards people
negating relationships/friendships/marriage
- do you have manifested artistic tastes, pharma, health care etc
- do you find the artistic aptitudes etc and health being developed gradually,
you have overnight discovered now that you want to be into acting etc
- what happens to IAS, govt role etc

it is sat dasa, sat own acq 9th for technical aptitudes, distant lands, innovativeness;
life settling at 36+ to evolve by then;
jup scorpio aptitude for research-occult-forensic-astro roles;
could look at technical research n development or quality improvement roles;

Mer dasa follows next, growth through intellectual pursuits;

you can learn better reflecting on your own life experience and trends!
moon gemini keeps gathering lot of information and keeps confusing itself!!
good at management information systems, psycho-analytics etc rather than decision making roles.
mer lord 2nd negates to first, negating family-finances; wear pearl over silver pendant touching heart;
recite vishnu sahasranama.

wishing you well, kshantaram
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