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Re: who does he truly love???

Originally Posted by Heavensmystery View Post
Hi, thank you so much fir the reply. This is just confusing. I have spoke to him many times if he cannot be true he can walk away with who ever he really care about. It's better not to give false hopes and be fake all his life with me.

I want him to be honest.

Is there anyother reason why he is sticking with me though he has someone else in his mind?
I am suggesting that he might care about two people at the same time. He cares about you and does not want to give you up. And he cares about her.

Caring about someone doesn't mean there is a particular future, which I take you to mean when you say "It's better [that he] not give false hopes.."

If he cares about you it does not mean he will pick between you and someone else he cares about. He probably would like to be able to care about both of you, and not be forced to pick. It may be you who has to decide if you stay together or not, if you cannot tolerate the situation. And honestly, based on the chart, I don't think he cares that much for either of you right now.

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