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Re: who does he truly love???

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
First of all, just to make it clear: it is easy to love two people at one time. There is no fixed quantity of love in any of us. It doesn't have to be you or her, and, in this instance, I think it may not be you or her.

If he is friends with ex and we designate ex as ruler of his 11th SIGN/house, or Venus, then I think he feels kind of the same about both of you [you as Jup and her as Venus]. This is based on the fact that both you and her are in the sign of Sag, which is Mercury's detriment. So he's not looking too favorably on either of you. You both are also are disjunct, or not aspecting, Merc, being one sign apart. So he really doesn't "get" either of you. [Neither do you two really get him, either.]

The fact that this question comes up for you points to the underlying problem, the lack of trust, in the relationship. If it were me, I wouldn't stick around. There are brighter vistas for you elsewhere.

Hi, thank you so much fir the reply. This is just confusing. I have spoke to him many times if he cannot be true he can walk away with who ever he really care about. It's better not to give false hopes and be fake all his life with me.

I want him to be honest.

Is there anyother reason why he is sticking with me though he has someone else in his mind?
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