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Re: Read my chart?

You have kendrathipathi dosha . but its nothing to do with your profession it affects only children's aspects .

currently you are running mercury dasa who is 1st and 4th lord , he is in 8th house of sufferings and grief . that mercury is in mars star who is lord of 6th and 11th ., mars is his bitter enemy , generally dasa of planets who sits in 8th house cannot do any good . it creates many obstacles and sufferings , all your hard efforts will become futile your work not recognized , it makes you useless item . your boss and employees wont have any good idea about you , they have been looking right moment to sack you . you even cant have peaceful sleep , suffered many nights without sleep .

both 6th and 3rd lord in 9th gives problems in career and obstacles in promotions . person has fluctuating career life also 10th lord aspected by 8th lord saturn is also not good in terms of career progress , repeated disappointments .

1st lord in 8th house itself a blemish , person has to suffer lot in life , many humiliations many sad stories ..

you will quit this job and change another after 2021 march . and after 2021 june things will improve gradually from 2022 things will be fine .

saturn ketu conjuction is not good for professional life many cuts and frequent changes . unsatisfied profession . not desired or dream job somehow landed without passion . only earn to live . unless your work related to spiritual or non profit job , you wont get satisfaction . ketu gives you many troubles thereby he imparts you worldly wisdom , he repeatedly drags you from responsibility and give less importance job .

saturn in 10th frequent change of job , cant stay in single company for long time , habitual quitter ! ;p

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