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Re: What to expect from Rahu-Mercury Dasha

Originally Posted by creativei View Post
Mercury bukti already started . it lasts till dec 2021 .

Bukti are secondary only mahadasa is main , its like train engine and sub periods are like its coach , coach follows wherever engines goes . so concentrate on main dasa .

Already you may have noticed some changes . it gives professional related travels , change of job , if you are unemployed it give job if you are employed it gives changes and promotions , mom health gets affected , quarrels with mom happens , pains in shoulders and hands . your writings gets criticized . you suddenly meet someone in journey and they will influence you lot . you undertake sudden travel reg mom and health , there will be minor repairs works in home . expenditures will be high . troubles with maternal uncle may arise if he present . 2021 march to 2021 july is very good period for health . you see improvements in that . you may also get job at mnc ,if you put effort .

This mercury sub period brings you sudden changes in health and profession , but only thing control you speech and temper if you do then this perios will be good for you ....
Thank you very much Creativei

What is mnc?
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