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Re: Any idea on my future spouse's zodiac sign ?

Originally Posted by Oniket Vivlioflos View Post
My spouse may be a known person to me or may be from the same community?
As you said Rahu rules everything foreign or different so that have something to do with marriage?

7th lord aspected by rahu should give wife from different background . rahu is alien he brings alien things in our life .

forgein means not another country , it means another state or province in your country . 12th house is true forgein . saturn is significator for long distance . but you have high chances for another country girl .

No chances of marrying known person . since rfahu aspects mars , rahu brings alien person who is totally different fro your family and traditions . its like if you are calcutta then you get a tamil girl from kanyakumari which is totally out of box ! i just saying for example .

your father will select girl or he will stick in his nose at the time of marriage , chances are there that father chooses her from his professional circle may be his long time good friend's daughter . ;p
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