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Re: Any idea on my future spouse's zodiac sign ?

Originally Posted by Oniket Vivlioflos View Post
Yeah true.

Do you have any idea on the age gap thing in my marriage. I was reading somewhere today that planets denote age of spouse right ?
like Saturn is said to have older spouse isn't it?
So, what planet is in my chart which can tell me a bit about our age gap ?

indeed its true saturn is oldest among all planets , also planets do have age of maturity . saturn mature in 32 . mars in 28 , jupiter in 16 venus in 25 etc

mars as 7th lord gives spouse somewhat higher aged spouse ( just 3 to 4 yrs higher ) , but very young in physique , she retains youth ness , as age grows her physical beauty and sex appeal increases . she remains like a young even in 50 . mars aspected by rahu gives love for widows rahu- widow ! . rahu loves widows . ;p you have siblings type of relationship with your spouse . another interesting thing is mars loves his wife lot , he dont do any things without his wife , so you attached with her , you cant be without her she takes part in all of your work . divorce is least expected . even if divorce happens you both remain sexual partners ! .

my dad has mars in 7th and my mom is 4 yrs elder to my dad loll my dad always complains about that and says her family cheated me by hiding this
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