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Re: Any idea on my future spouse's zodiac sign ?

Originally Posted by Oniket Vivlioflos View Post
What is a lagna ? Is lagna a sanskrit term for zodiac sign?
I love Aries ( sun sign ) people in general but I attract Cancer and Taurus as friends more almost all my close acquaintances are water signs in sun. Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio etc. Taurus people get close as friends but not into close circle.

Yes lagna is vedic term denotes 1st house . i follow vedic only , so all my predictions are purely vedic . your 11th lord is in taurus , earthy sign you like stable friendships only , who stand for you , who values you . infact u have those friends who treats u like one among their family , u take ur friends to family . so jovial . u may have also undertook many journeys with them . u r friends are rich and luxury loving . u get gains and help from them .
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