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Re: Any idea on my future spouse's zodiac sign ?

Originally Posted by Oniket Vivlioflos View Post
hahaha so true . I fall for really masculine people both men and women who're into sports etc. also who're energetic and dynamic also the aggressive types. In other words, people who are almost opposite from me attracts my attention more. I'm traditionally more on the feminine side I guess lol . I'm into art, poetry, music, books, nature, etc. seashells, pearls, silver , blue sea , clouds , cotton candy are my aesthetics . Also beauty and glamour is something I think I care about also ' 'love' is the most important thing in my life. So, from your answer I've understood quite a lot and what you wrote matches my idea of an individual who catches my eye💙😇

Your spouse is most probably will be Leo asc of not then Scorpio asc . and her moon may be in scorpio rasi . and she may have mars in 9th house , ,mars aspecting 9th or mars as 9th lord , again leo lagna have high chances ..
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