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Originally Posted by creativei View Post
Hi oniket !

Vedic has every answer for your queries .

you are libra asc gemini rasi . arida nak . rahu nak so you get all things related to rahu in your life . forgein things influence you lot like forgein job and forgein spouse etc ...

7th lord is in 1st very good for married life , you get all pleasures from spouse . influential well to do spouse . she is dark and tall , your spouse is well connected socially you are known to society by her . this is combination for fame and prosperity . you enjoy vibrant wild sex life from her . you are attracted towards masculine tomboy types of girl , who have atheletic build roboust aggressive , dynamic , quick ,impulsive wife , she operates from head rather than heart , chances of meeting her in office , business partners . she will become spiritual in later partner of her life . marriage is filled sex , business and travels , u both travel lot . she is adamant highly self willed , exotic against religious norms dont take care type . nagging cold spouse rough and tough girl . but has love for her husband and attached with you . she wants be successful materialistically , if u want to win her heart then satisfy all her material needs she will be slave for u , but if u fail in money matters then she wont care you and ready to take care herself by working hard . seldom she care you , all she need was money money . she values you by in terms of printed paper . not your heart or love .

rahu aspecting both mars who is 7th lord and venus , so arranged marriage is not possible ,. you do love marriage opposing your family . you look for romantic partner which they show on movies , romance is important for you .

she may be in working IT field . highly independent self willed girl . good at business .

since 7th house is movable sign she is always away from home . roaming type , not like family girl type . in fact she doesn't care those stuffs and all , for her profession and money are important . husband and children's are secondary to her . but she fulfills her duty as wife , thing is she values social recognition than family life . relationship with mother in law is good but not good terms with father in law .

marriage may happen in 2023 .....

Thank You so much you wrote such a detailed answer !
Thanks again for investing your time 💙
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