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Re: Any idea on my future spouse's zodiac sign ?

no i agree. but even i am curious how you will arrive at finding spouse signs from Vedic. can you answer the question by the poster on exactly the zodiacal signs of his/her spouse?

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It doesn't matter , it also suits for aries too , also everyone has a wish to know about their married life and their spouse , even though he didnt ask that i myself told , astrology is not my profession though my grandfather and father are astrologers , its my passion , i just do it as social service there by helping others . it gives me soul satisfaction , mee too in the beginning went to many sites and read many books to know about my marriage , everyone has that curiosity . today world has money oriented so that everything has become good business , even people talk only on basis of persons status . its k let asker know about his married life and wife , so that he can mentally prepare himself ! :P

Thank u sir
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