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Re: Celibacy destined or not

My soulful gratitude for such an exhaustive and exclusive prediction !!!!
now, let me acknowledge it on a one-by-one basis...

Lagna lord moon n 7th lord sat in trine in 1/5 houses seeking relationship

it's a bulls eye hit... Was really desperate in seeking relationship until I turned 30...
post that completely gave up not only on relationship but on my total life itself
and got inclined to spiritual path gradually.

also, at this critical point I have query that had sparked in my mind...
here the 7th/8th Lord Saturn and 5th/10th Lord Mars are in " parivartana yoga "....
what would be the ultimate impact/outcome of this yoga and when this gets activated exactly ?

PARIVARTANA between 5/8 lords Mars-sat in enemy signs could indicate
stress in luck-education-romance-children-position and chronic health issues
knees-liver-urological inflammations-stones-heart-stomach issues etc to care;

20yrs venus dasa, venus retro 4th house, taurus-venus badhaka for cancer asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships-domestic comforts-property matters;
growth-riches through artistic pursuits, public relations, interior decoration, real estate homes etc
but under stress-delays; recite shreesuktam regularly;
seeks good looking spouse with artistic tastes n public relations aptitudes;
donate 1.25kg large white beans at Ramalaya fri evening,
repeat 125gms per month regularly;

Perfect hit again and in this regard have few queries to be rectified....
it's in deed true that Venus is Badhaka Lord for Cancer ASC/Rashi
and it's placement in any bhava in chart will create chaos...

a)In my case it got retrograde in its own bhava ( Libra sign ) and also in " Mooltrikona state "....
so by this fact it may imply that badhaka lord got retrograde...
does this mean that it will refrain from doing it's direct role as badhaka since it got retrograded ?

retrograde towards venus virgo it's sign of debilation impacting initiative and communications making one self-centred;

while elevated aspect over pisces 9th supportive of luck-education-travels;

b) One more highlight is my retrograde badhaka lord is placed in it's own sign
and also to be more specific in DIG BALA state too... so will it hamper it's own home without any mercy ?

as for remedies would surely adhere to it with utmost sincerity.

ONLY stress-delays and related health issues kidneys-heart-lungs etc;

Albeit all planets seem to be between Rahu/Ketu axis planet Moon and Lagna is still outside this axis....
any specific significance of this pattern ?

Moon own cancer asc, intuitive-sensitive, may wear pearl for moon over silver ring over jup finger,
with prayers to Mata Paravathy at the Shivalaya Mon after sunset offering white flowers,
lagnesh protects the whole horoscope.

Already did a Sarpa remedy at Sri Kalahasthy temple.... whether to redo the same on a yearly basis ?

Nothing wrong if you keep repeating remedies as required time to time

Transit queries:

sat now transit cap 7th opp moon, under stress with debilated jup in transit,
sat elevated aspect over venus karaka for marriage and domestic comforts;
may watch for jup-sat transit cap 7th, year ahead;

My fear in this regard is the MARS transit to CAPRICORN alongside Saturn and Jupiter
with all the three throwing it's sama saptama aspect on my ASC and it's lord... Natal Moon....
any precautions to be adhered in this regard ?

SAT own cap 7th, growth through event management, public admin etc;
MARS elevated capricorn,
growth through operations management, police, defense services, methodical-disciplined.
Jup debilated, debilation cancelled, gradual improvement in advisory roles;
jup elevated aspect over moon, protective of health; victory amidst adversity;

MARS-MOON OPP volatile emotions n finances;
SAT-MOON OPP, stress in health n relationship;

donate 1.25kg each yellow chanadal, whole black uraddal, red masoordal at Kali temple sat after sunset;

So my ultimate and final query ----> Whether no MOKSHA for me in this birth ?

PLANETS ARE UNDER STRESS SUN-SAT SCORPIO ETC craving for relationship etc,
autocratic attitude, research-occult aptitudes, jup-mars acq 8th exploring the mystique aspects of the world,
venus libra seeking domestic comforts though under stress-delays and venus retro towards virgo self-centred in approach;

Moksha needs detachment from all thoughts and attachments worldly or non-worldly.

hope get fair idea in response to your queries for your own reflections n sharing of further experiences/feedbacks!
Donate to your Delight!!!

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