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I wish to say my view , for cancer asc and leo asc its said that saturn should be weak and should be hidden ie, 3rd , 6th and 8th and 12th , then only its good . even if its own house it creates problem since its strong . its even nice if it is debilitated . our friend rudra has 6th lord in 8th its very good in terms of material success , even he gets forgein job ! , saturn is no.1 enemy for moon and sun , so for moon lagna and sun lagna saturn should be weak. else married life suffers . late marriage marriage happens after long labor , person chart wil be on every girls house in his vicinity ;p . after long denial person gets married with bitterness . its good if saturn is aspected by guru , this gives timely and good married life . but person has to lots of punya karma for that . whatever it is for moon and sun lagna married life is not satisfactory , best example is actress sridevi shes cancer asc exalted moon in 11th sun in 1st saturn as 8th lord in 7th own house . everyone knows her married life and her end too ..

thats why for both luminaris lagna saturn owns evil houses . 6,7 and 7,8 ..

another thing is venus is enemy to moon , thats why for cancer asc venus is badhaka . he neither do good and do bad either n his dasa . he is stable .

Kudos bro, crystal clear explanation..... well, your friend rudra seems to have similar pattern of planets like me.... even in my chart 6th lord guru in 8th with mars.... the very highlight of my chart is the " Parivartana yoga between lords of 5th (Mars ) and 8th (Saturn )...."

without parivartana consideration, Saturn is ill ( weakly ) placed in inimical Scorpio sign (my 5th house) and Mars in my 8th house( in aquarius ) in neutral dignity and saturn also do trine Rahu & moon....

the very similar pattern like this is existing on Menaka Gandhi's chart.... cancer Asc, Moon in pisces trines Saturn & Rahu in Scorpio with Mars in aquarius and also retrograde.... her marriage albeit love marriage with sanjay gandhi but happened under very strange conditions..... here highlight is the parivartana between the 5th and the 8th house lords ..... so what does this pattern actually imply ?
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