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Originally Posted by mathur_dinesh View Post
Your seventh house of marriage has Aquarius and it receives aspect from Saturn that owns the house. This appears very favourable

@mathur_dinesh sir, 7th lord ( in this case Saturn ) aspecting it's own house is a favorable fact agreed.... Even I do have the same in my chart too ( Saturn, 7L in 5th aspecting his own sign 7th ( 3 rd aspect )).... but upon consulatation by my parents most astros have expressed that it's not applicable for planet Saturn with any of the aspects ( 3rd or 7th or 10th ) and this is the very reason why my marriage aspect had been much impacted and driving me with much focus on celibacy....

could you kindly shed some light on this with Saturn as 7th lord aspecting his own house perspective especially for Cancer & Leo ascendants ?
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