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Arrow Re: Marriage analysis requested

Originally Posted by Tweety View Post
Thank you Creativi
All of what you said seems so true, esp about my partners beingb lustful.
I hope things change for good in 2021, you say one loss
I think I have already suffered loss of a love relationship(terrible one), not sure if more loss is ahead

I will patiently wait for things to unfold ..
God bless you

Hi Tweety Sister, you could have explicitly stated that the aforesaid birth details is your own.... albeit, you started this thread with the terminology " Native " in a short time it was revealed that it's you who had underwent the emotional pain.... I do know how it stings.... for I had also endured the same....couple of months back....

But no worries, be happy that destiny had revealed the true face of those ill reputed ones....they shall surely pay for the sin that they had given you with utmost or even infinity times manifold

I also owe you an apology because of this delayed response from my part on your marriage aspect. was quiet tied up in spiritual activities nearby my home...

Just give me sometime, will come up with my analysis and based upon it's coincidence in reality we shall then go for the concerned remedies.....

Most of us as humans would wonder whether remedies actually does yield any fate changing results.... but trust me if you surrender yourself with utmost trust in God with an unflinching faith despite all odds....miracles would surely happen

With best regards from your brother
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