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Re: Marriage and life in general

Your seventh house of marriage has Aquarius and it receives aspect from Saturn that owns the house. This appears very favourable but Saturn is in Moola, a nakshatra of Ketu and it receives aspect also from Ketu. Moola is ruled by Nirrti which is a goddess of death, violence and destruction. Brihat Parashar Hora Sastra holds that Rahu in the seventh house brings opportunity to the individual to consort with poor quality females. Saturn is debilitated in the ninth house in the navamsha chart.
Saturn however occupies the mooltrikona sign of Jupiter in the fifth house. Jupiter occupies the tenth house. Therefore females that you come across at centres of learning, in the guise of soul mates or at your place of work may not prove to be the right choice. These affairs will not last long in the major-period of Mars (2010 to 2017) since both Saturn and Mars project aspects to Mercury in Virgo.
You are now in the major-period of Rahu which is in a friendly sign, in a nakshatra of Jupiter (Poorva Bhadrapad) and in a navamsha of Mars. You will be married in this major-period but it will be somewhat late, perhaps in 2022-23. The nakshatra in which Rahu is placed shows that after your marriage later in life your marriage will be the cause of your turning to spiritualism.
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