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Re: Marriage analysis requested

Makara lagnam rishaba rasi rohini nakshatra . currently saturn transits to janma rasi . second phase of sade satti .

Rohini nakshatra is lord krishna nak rohini is all about love and romance . very sensitive clingy attached obsessive lovers , they cant be without lovers have you seen lord krishna image ,always surrounded by gopis thats what rohini is all about , even though they are black in complexion they radiate sexual charm that attracts opposite sex instantly , if the native is good by nature no problem ,else they will be victim, of sexual abuse . these persons partners is must ,only through the partners they define themselves . even a slightest turn of from partners makes them sad . very clingy needs lots of pampering . very good at sex , thats the reason moon god went to rohin despite he has many other wife's , rohini is highly skilled in amours acts , erotic sex , light weight partners will run away from bedroom seeing the wild side of these person , they partner must have sexual power equal to those men in ****'s ;p

exalted moon highly romantic , love sick , very very very good looking spouse . married life is filled with much love and romance . everyday starts with romance and ends in foreplay's . :P

exalted 4th lord very good for physical pleasures good home nice food
equal to taste like taj hotel , luxuries life also good amount of lands and buildings . attached with mother , mother has long life . even father too .

All the things you said was happened in your rahu dasa . rahu is 12th with venus , rahu is in venus star so rahu has to give 5th and 1oth house power .

5th lord in 12th is not good for successful love or romance it gives one bitter experience . that too from rasi venus rahu in 8th even worst , have to face disappointments and disgrace love starts suddenly and dissolves one day nowhere , also you have spent lots of money on lovers , all yours use you for physical pleasure and monetary benefits nobody loves truly . they crave for ur body than your heart , most of the romance takes place in night time via phone or laptop , most of the conversation is purely based on sex sex only . taboo breaking lovers . you also have office romance , most likely with forgein guy . infact your spouse comes from forgein cancer as 7th brings forgein spouse . lovers and husband will have motherly caring quality , highly emotional , insecure lunatic , fearful . will have suspicious mind (8th lord aspecting 7th )

reg marriage as i said indeed do love marriage only that is accepted by your family . he is pretty wealthy , handsome . good at cooking . eats well . highly motherly . emotional sentimental . at times worries and feels aloof . both of them will have high level of ego and autocratic nature . this creates problems in marriage . since mars aspects 7th who is your 4th lord you have high chance of getting husband from your mothers side , he may be distant relative to your mom . sun as 8th lord aspecting 7th gives some disgrace from spouse ,at times he lacks manners behaves so cheap , like speaking ill about you and ur family , that makes you angry . he will have egoistic relationship with ur family . though generally good by nature . relationship with your father in law is not good but its good with your mother in law . u wil also have expenditures regarding mother in law but it will be good one .

your rahu dasa gona end and your guru dasa going to start guru is lord of 12th in 8th this goes under name vibareeta rajayoga sudden rise in life after one loss. so be prepared . u also get job in mnc and prof life lifts up after first child born . your spouse most probably be a model or connected with media field . imagine him like a salman khan since salman is also rohini only .

spouse family is nice well to do , members were holding high posts in govt side like IAS , revenue officer, forest officer like that , no problem , you feel like being in moms home ... nice chart good life with few draw backs which wont affect you since major planets are good .

Your life changes entirely in 2021 but only after one painful loss ! ...

marriage happens in guru dasa . 2022 .. kids born in 2024 .
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