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Originally Posted by RudhraDevan View Post
Hi RITZ Sir, we both share a quite similar chart pattern with few variations. We both are Cancer ASC's but for me both ASC & Rashi ( Moon Sign ) is Cancer only.... both in "Pushya" constellations.... as for you Moon sign has become " Libra ".... other similar patterns.... Ketu in 3rd bhava/house in Virgo sign and Saturn in 5th Bhava/House with a minor difference that Saturn for you is alone and for me it's with Sun but 11 degrees away so away from combustion. The reason why I mentioned about "Combustion" concept.... any planet excluding Rahu/Ketu would get weakened in their abilities provided they are within 10 degrees range from the Sun's placement degree. In your chart, THREE planets got "significantly" combusted as follows, a)the 1st Yoga karaka planet for Cancer Asc " MARS ( 5th & 10th lord as per ASC ) " b) Your Moon sign lord and also it's dispositor " VENUS (BADHAKA for Cancer Asc (4th & 11th lord as per ASC ) ".... Badhaka lord getting "weakened" is welcomed but in this case he is also the Moon sign lord.... so though not good but at the same time not worse too since it's dispositor Sun is placed in it's own house.... say "neutral" for now.... c)The intellect planet Mercury too got combusted and since he is the dispositor of Ketu in Virgo relationship issues got boosted because Ketu by nature likes to be in detachment.... had been Mercury placed in a better position the results would have been much different Now, why I explained briefly about combusted planets first instead of analyzing directly the planets concerned for relationship failure.... it's as follows, Mars/Venus conjunction in any sign.... most sought pattern for relationships.... here both are in combustion.... not that easy to sustain relationship for longer periods.... Planet Moon, 2nd royal planet to Sun in astrological terms.... got weaker due to Venus combustion ( Moon's dispositor ).... Moon karaka for Mind & Body.... unstable, wavering since the Karaka planet for relationships Venus combusted.... Now, both pivotal planets Moon ( in Mar's star ) and Mercury ( in Venus's star) have combusted planets as their star lord and these are also relationship oriented planets.... since afflicted no stability in relationships.... does not matter about the effort invested or compromises made.... Reason for this: Moon is your 3rd CSL ( Cuspal Sub Lord ).... so any bhava that had been signified or owned by Moon would generally be recursive ( appearing again & again ) but at the same time highly unstable since Moon is the only planet that is very swift in transit from one sign to next.... since he becomes the 3rd CSL the communication domain would heavily be influenced by him.... IMPORTANT NOTE: Combustion does not mean a planet would be totally inactive.... to be very precise the significance or the karaka's held by the combusted planet would be given by Sun.... generally Sun will not yield so flexibly as far as relationships are concerned but in your case it's in own Swarashi ( own sign and house )..... 2nd from lagna well placed and established.... So what's the reason for no materialization of any relationships ?..... Is it only Moon and other 3 combusted planets ( Mars, Mercury & Venus ).... obviously no.... here comes the kingmaker Saturn.... being placed in an inimical sign and that too most dreaded fearful sign of natural zodiac ( Kalpurush 8th bhava, Scorpio ( Owned by Mars ) ) He covers 3 pivotal relationship based houses by his 3rd aspect ( on Capricorn, his own house, 7th from your Asc ), with his Sama Saptama aspect ( 7th aspect ) on your 11th house of gains ( even social relationship is considered a gain ) and finally his very powerful 10th aspect on your 2nd house from Asc.... unless Retrograde Saturn's aspects would surely incur a prolonged delay ( Same case with my chart too ) but you are more fortunate than me because you have escaped a special "Saturn + Moon" combination called Punarphoo.... you can google that....lots of clear explanations on net.... but unfortunately I got trapped.... well it's my Karma anyway.... happy for you that no much psychological or physical depression as with my case.... now, coming back planet Saturn is your 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th and 11th CSL ( as per KP ASTROLOGY ).... So you see unless he shows his grace we won't be able to move an inch in any pivotal events of our personal/social/professional domains..... albeit Saturn delays..... he won't deny like planet Ketu.... so don't worry at all.... times will change and fine breeze would surely blow on you.... just focus on your present real life issues.... As for your query about distance, 3rd bhava/house for short distance and 9th Bhava/House for long distance.... with a powerful Rahu placed in 9th think there's no need of much explanation for it....still any concern feel free to approach.... May God bless you with all his might !!!!
Yes indeed, what a well elaborate response. Thank you so much for taking the time to write so much and analysing. This is why I need some more time to reply to you. I shall surely write more soon !
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