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Re: Marriage and life in general

Originally Posted by Mrathore View Post
Thank you
So no getting back with my ex? Do you see the reason of breakup? It was all good but suddenly we broke off maybe due to my fickle mind
I am in the usa on h1 since jan 2017, life has become more difficult here as time passed by. I changed a couple of jobs
Yes my relationship with mom is strained and I lost my father 8 years ago. Rest pretty much what you said is correcf
My spouse will be from my caste? Which direction? Love marriage?
How will she look or be in appearance?

No mrathore i dont think you get your ex back . because currently rahu dasa running , rahu ketu doesnt have own house , they will become owner of the house where they are , rahu in 7th saturn house means rahu will give 6th and 7th house power . so thats why you working in forgein . 7th house is forgein . rahu will give things related forgein in his dasa . forgein job foergein spouse etc etc , rahu is out caste , gives exotic taboo relationships .

Rahu in 7th means defamation from women . suddenly one day you get bad name for what you haven't done . both saturn as well guru owns 6th & 8th house respectively . so a planet owning kendra or trikona house simultaneously evil house is bad . it gives ill results first . then only it does good .

11th house is hopes and desires your 11th lord though in 2nd own house , but many ,malefic's aspecting 11th gives trouble , thats y i said you face financial troubles . elder brother may not present even if he present he will be enemy to u .

mars is yogakaraga for sima lagan , he is in 8th house . its also bad , since he owns 9th you lost dad . mutual aspect of mars and mercury is not good for education also friends . enmity with friends . you also get office romance since 5th lord in 10th . 5th lord in moon star who is 12th lord for you , though as a planet moon its good for romance and love but as a lordship he owns 12th which is loss . rahu dasa is professionally good but love aspects bad .

Next jupiter dasa is good for finance prof up liftment you have many changes regarding profession , you also change home there will be expenditures on health , spouse etc .

lastly you born on Amavasaya tithi which is the reason for all sufferings in life , do proper pariharas and give herbs to cow and do charity works which will clear your past life karma and bless you good life .

if you want to get success in love then donate books pens and other stationary items to poor kids as much as possible . also help to pay their school fees you see miracle happens ....
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