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Originally Posted by creativei View Post
Leo asc leo rasi poorvaphalguni nak .

Born with venus dasa beginning , generally venus dasa should not come first , t its blemish . its spoils family and education , of course with 4th lord in 8th , saturn in 5th aspected by ketu itself says u had bitter experience in education and romance . 5th house is love , saturn in 5th is not good for love and romance ,infact saturn in 5th person has to undergo many humiliations in life . person is serious , cold , filled lot of negativity .

venus in cancer , cancer is enemy sign for venus ., venus feels insulted , so it spoils in your love . 6th lord in 5th is also not good for love and romance .

in order to be love successful both venus and moon should be good , moon is main significator for love , since loves comes from heart moon should be well placed . at the time churning the ocean which is done by devas and asuras with the help of serpent vasuki . it is that moon god came out with two things in both hands one hand he had Ayurveda herbs , in other hand he had a palm leaf which speaks about art of love . so moon god is symbol of love. you have moon ketu conjunction which is very good for spirituality but not for romances , even though u have all those desires , your lovers doesn't feel that , they cant connect emotionally towards you . love comes and goes out suddenly , leaving bitter experience . moon is aspected by rahu too this gives disturbed mind , loneliness is part and parcel of your life .

infact you cant even connect emotional with your mom well , 4th lord in 8th indicates early loss of mom or many bitter experiences with her . venus is your 3rd and 10th lord as well , so chances falling in love with neighbor girls or office romance or some lady from distant land who has motherly qualities , both physically and mentally , infact you are very much attracted towards motherly type girls . you also like school teachers . all your lovers are higher in age and highly matured soul . you have high chances of getting teacher as your spouse . very spiritual and dutiful spouse . you always try to connect emotionally with her but sadly get blow every time , except emotional connection everything is fine . you face financial troubles , heavy expenditures etc . , also troubles from children , child birth is delayed , you wish u r children should be a good socially responsible citiizen rise them strictly . of course they too come well . upto 30 they trouble after 30 they settle in their life . for u there is no higher education and all , just school education . may be done some small course .
marriage may happen in 2023 .

u may get job in private company this year . saturn transits 6th is good for career success .
Thank you
So no getting back with my ex? Do you see the reason of breakup? It was all good but suddenly we broke off maybe due to my fickle mind
I am in the usa on h1 since jan 2017, life has become more difficult here as time passed by. I changed a couple of jobs
Yes my relationship with mom is strained and I lost my father 8 years ago. Rest pretty much what you said is correcf
My spouse will be from my caste? Which direction? Love marriage?
How will she look or be in appearance?
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