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Originally Posted by creativei View Post
I was so touched by your honesty and straight forwardness today people lacks that . keep going . i said whats there in your chart .

" particular event is experienced only when that dasa comes , at that time only it triggers , dont see things now . fate is wonderful , it puts you in a position that you never thought would be in that way . just wait for saturn dasa and do update me at that time .

good day
Thank you for ur compliments and being straightforward as well. much appreciated.

Hahahaha .. well , am dreading my Saturn Mahadasha .. I hv some friends with same cancer lagna and Saturn Scorpio and I wish like them I didnít hv to go thru Saturn dasha as they wonít be running it or much later in their lives. And i feel some tragedy will surely happen for me in Saturn dasha , like losing someone or more or something .. itís very scary. But well, canít change it now isnít it .. and I hope I remember to update you that time !
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