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Re: Is there any good chance/hope of a stable relationship???

Originally Posted by ritz View Post
Thank you for not being rude to my response as many people get rude. And also for touching on the good or positives parts of the chart. And am not innocent , I just tend to get a little fragile but I get over it. As eventually i only do what I feel is right or good.

And to be honest another thing is .. I prefer independent partner , I donít like too clingy or controlling or manipulative people not just partner. I donít surround myself with such people at all. I donít the time nor energy to deal with fake dramas of people. Family and friends know this about me. I am quite good at or decent in figuring out genuine people.

And the other things about profession etc .. I canít say yet , not into anything remotely connected with govt in any way or not influential yet either. And the house also not the reality yet. And with siblings itís quite distant. They hv their own dramas. I donít like unnecessary dramas. So I stay away from them mostly unless needed.

And yes , I love both my parents a lot ! They are my priority. And I donít have a bad relationship with my father at all, Infact I am spiritually influenced by my father and emotionally influenced by mother, in short. And yes a patriot u can say so too. Settling abroad ? Donít know yet. Never travelled so canít say.

I was so touched by your honesty and straight forwardness today people lacks that . keep going . i said whats there in your chart .

" particular event is experienced only when that dasa comes , at that time only it triggers , dont see things now . fate is wonderful , it puts you in a position that you never thought would be in that way . just wait for saturn dasa and do update me at that time .

good day
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