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Originally Posted by creativei View Post
Hmm i see im happy if its really in that way , i think it may be because jupiter aspecting venus . so it reduced negativity .

Buddy its not my intention to hurt your little innocent heart but topic you asked is against your favor what shall i do with that . i can say only what your fate hold , go ask any astrolger what venus in megha means, not a single astrologer says good thing about . magha nak falls in simha sign a royal regal authoritative , self centered egoish sign .

all ketu ruled nakshatras are partners are optional , they dont have attachment with their husbands , they are highly independant and leads independant life . since venus rules love relationships and spouse all of your lovers and sppuse has this quality . no matter how good are ypu , planets does their duty . like sun they wish to be king and be the center of all and expect others should revolve around them . this basic nature never changes , but since your jupiter aspecting mars level of intensity is reduced . but base nature exists .

You also have positive thing too . 9th lord in 10th and 10th lord in 2nd with 4th lord aspected by jupiter profession life is nice you will be influential , get rewards and promotions . high chances of working in govt side . your family life is also nice , though at times spend lot but still have incoming gains . physical health is good u have enjoy material comforts . attached to home and home land never wish to settle in forgein true patriot , loves mom lot , hates father form many reason rahu in 9th early loss of dad , if present not cordial relationship . highly spiritual visit many shrines . also you cross seas , explore different culture ,. chances of converting religion too . rahu in 9th makes that possible . no enemies and no disease lucky guy . if enemies present they vanish by themselves . siblings too do well in life , u may also get their support .. .

last time i said no house for u sorry , u indeed will have home for you , u buy that soon . 1st lord in 4th or 4th lord in 1st own home comes easily without much efforts . banks loans are available easily for u . all this happens in saturn dasa after marriage ! 7 and 8th lord , 8th house is transformation , that happens only by marriage .

Thank you for not being rude to my response as many people get rude. And also for touching on the good or positives parts of the chart. And am not innocent , I just tend to get a little fragile but I get over it. As eventually i only do what I feel is right or good.

And to be honest another thing is .. I prefer independent partner , I donít like too clingy or controlling or manipulative people not just partner. I donít surround myself with such people at all. I donít the time nor energy to deal with fake dramas of people. Family and friends know this about me. I am quite good at or decent in figuring out genuine people.

And the other things about profession etc .. I canít say yet , not into anything remotely connected with govt in any way or not influential yet either. And the house also not the reality yet. And with siblings itís quite distant. They hv their own dramas. I donít like unnecessary dramas. So I stay away from them mostly unless needed.

And yes , I love both my parents a lot ! They are my priority. And I donít have a bad relationship with my father at all, Infact I am spiritually influenced by my father and emotionally influenced by mother, in short. And yes a patriot u can say so too. Settling abroad ? Donít know yet. Never travelled so canít say.

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