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Arrow Re: Celibacy destined or not

Originally Posted by creativei View Post
As i said already you indeed have marriage ., fate wont let you like that , though you may desire sanyasa .
astrology is very simple please don't make it complicate an simple approach is enough don't use hard technical terms and there by don't confuse yourself .

First and foremost, I would like to very humbly apologize for my big ambiguity in specifying my birth time. My problem was at its pinnacle to such an extent that instead of providing the right birth time mentioned an incorrect time ( left 44 minutes in ----> 9:44 pm)

I could have pmed this personally in order to avoid public criticisms on me and my mistake.... but it's not a way of Dharma !!!!

Whether it's a highly spiritual sage or rishi or may even be God himself or an ordinary human being like me... Law of Dharma is universally applicable to all and no exceptions by any means... it's our foremost duty to abide it whatever may be our suffering scenario.

Wasting others valuable time invested for our concern is a big sin and hence this public apology from my soul to all astro experts here

I assure by all means, would be much more cautious in future and this scenario will not be a recursive one

The birth chart attachment is right by all means.... the typo mistake was in my birth time mention when I commenced this thread

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