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Just tell me what i told was right or wrong . ... i dont care about sub lords cub lords cups synastry etc etc i dont need all those garbage's , i straightaway hit on the nail , astrology is simple dont make it complicate . i dont wish to show fake intelligence by quoting all those stupid craps . just direct . if one thing present in chart means it wont , no matter what other divisional charts are .

Hahahaha .. no patience I see. Never mind. No actually , quite a few things were not on point. I am not going into detail about my relationships here but, they didnít have ego issues with me at all, neither did I ever have to behave like their slave , such a degrading thing to say or be , no matter who and what you are. In fact they were all very respectful , decent , emotionally connected ... distance was the main issue and hence short-lived. And I will tend to meet bad category of men ?! Wrong. Only one or two .. they were not necessarily bad or violent .. just manipulative which I caught them on and called it off.

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