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Hi ritz

you are cancer asc libra rasi chitra nak . currently running last past of jupiter of dasa . .

generally 6th lord dasa wont do any good . no matter how good a chart is malefic dasa is problematic , even though he is lord of 9th . yet still its blemish . also that jupiter is in ketu constellation which is not good .

5th house is love and romance you have saturn in 5th who is 8th lord this says all , saturn is cold merciless planets , all your lovers are very rigid strict serious cold unsuited for fun also they are higher in age . all your relationships had bitter experiences .

venus is in ketu star not at all good all ur lovers will have high amount of ego and independant nature they treat u like a slave thats the reason y u r relationship is not successful . also this continues with your spouse too , if u wish a happy married life then become slave to her praise her exolt her , treat her like a king and be ready to be a servant , only by doing that ur relationship survives , if by chances if u showed ur manliness then they will leave you or become mad .

from 2025 u wil be entering into saturn dasa who is 7th and 8th lord for u , sudden transformation happens after marriage . no chances of love marriages .

saturn is 5th aspected by rahu and mars highly afflicted , u may even end up as a victim of love abuse , so take care of that , you become easy prey for ill reputed girls , mafias and worst types of girls . so marry as per parents wil, dont choose by urself , if you do then nobody cant save you .

current saturn transits is good for ur rasi , even next saturn transits too good , ur life gets settled ....

And also , you totally dismissed the sub-lords of the nakshatra where planets are sitting !
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