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Re: Celibacy destined or not

As i said already you indeed have marriage ., fate wont let you like that , though you may desire sanyasa .

astrology is very simple please don't make it complicate an simple approach is enough don't use hard technical terms and there by don't confuse yourself .

2nd house is family , if 2nd lord is well placed then it doesn't matter whether you have retro venus or afflicted venus or bad venus , 2nd lord in 2nd in its own house strong , so family is destined for you , though you may have quarrels with spouse or separation or live in same house separately that doesn't matter for planets , they does their duty .

in navamsa 7th lord in its own house is very good . ensures marriage . venus is also well placed in navamsa .

from lagna 2nd lord is own house and from rasi 2nd lord is in 4th with 7th lord is also good .

from venus jupiter is 5th and from jupiter venus is in 9th is also very good .

7th lord in 10th gives working spouse , she may teacher or in service sector or in mnc .

jupiter mars conjnction is good for mother health and also good for finance . but you are highly self willed and independent person .

currently u r running venus dasa though its retro its in own house with 4th lord it should give u pleasures and comforts . venus in rahu star and that rahu is in 8th in jupiter house ,who is ur is 7th and 10th lord for u , so rahu should give both prof and marriage , 8th house rahu brings sudden change persons life ur personality ur identity fully changes . so far what you had about perception about life and marriage will change . though you will also inclined to spirituality lot, that doesnt affect your marriage .

venus is your 5th lord , not 7th lord , so dont say he wont give marriage , planets does their duty only . your marriage is controlled by jupiter . your 5th house aspects only affects like children's romance love education etc not ur marriage aspects .

yeah for gemini asc yoga karaga retro is blemish only but he is own house so dnt worry .

for kadga rasi sani has entered into makara this year and marriage process starts . by end of this saturn transits u r very well married and will become family man ! then after that both u and ur wife together engage in spirituality and become enlightened soul ! ;p

indeed u will have marriage and kids .
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