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Re: how can i be rich? lol

Originally Posted by HonourAndDevotion View Post
hi mate thank you

I live sacrificial kind of role If someone wants to be a monk, that is because he has not earned much money and not enjoying his life because of monetary reasons or he has already been damaged by the society/people or he/she is in some kind of deadlock condition which blocks him to get forward. I feel pretty much mix of all.

don't know what houses indicate this
but it's Not me My father contributed less than my Mom and This was the issue during all their marriage. She divorced him just because of this.
it was a forced marriage.

I come up with good ideas and analyzes those I say myself i should have written on a piece of paper. im rather critical , analytic, quality oriented. I can be good researcher or teacher but dont want them I would like to set up my own business.
into astrology for 9 years. now Occult interests me really a lot.

i live my own country but I will def move to another one when i got the chance. The change is needed. I'm the eldest to 2 sis. but uncle disturbs me hes my enemy. My family members and close relatives are the hidden enemies. they were always. and this one is the eldest and only bro of mom. We are enemies for sure always blocks me. at last i would send his soul to next to his filthy father He's asking for my unstoppable rage on him

I want him dead and take his wealth as the price of the suffering I had just because of him. I think i will take this revenge no matter what it takes.

Worth to action, it would be either self sacrifice or self gain.

Hmm it seems that u have suffered lot and waiting for the revenge lol , idk why iv really laughing throughout ur replies u r humorous .

all those mention are hapened in rahu dasa , rahu is in 6h of maternal uncle and enemies rahu dispositer jupiter is in 2nd house of family wealth etc . moon is ur 1st lord so throughout rahu dasa had those problems . also rahu aspects 12th house where sun venus ketu present indeed u had problems regarding these matters home mom etc mutual aspect between rahu and sun gives enemity with father , humiliation from father .
like wise mutual aspect of venus rahu gives problems with spouse , u also have love related issues . ur spouse comes from distant land exotic and self centered so adamant , may be higher tham age to u since 7th lord saturn it gives age differences , older sober cold dutiful serious spouse , marriage life is filled with responsibilities than fun .

8th lord saturn in 7th own house huge karma left regarding marriage . u get money from spouse as well as humiliation . she treats you like how your mom treated your dad , history repeats . but marriage wont break . Saturn prolongs and preserve marriage , but that married life goes like a break failure car ! .

also in jupiter dasa either u have enmity with mom or separation from her

some amount of property loss also possible .

mainly enmity with uncle will vanish in jupiter dasa . cordial relationship exists ..
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