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Re: how can i be rich? lol

hi mate thank you

income comes from spouse too but that too drains by your reckless spending's . 2nd lord in 12th someone who gives away all the wealth for charity purposes . or lives sacrificial life without interest on money matters . really some people are like that , they lives monk life .
I live sacrificial kind of role If someone wants to live a monk life, that is because he has not earned much money and not enjoying his life because of monetary reasons or he has already been damaged by the society/people or he/she is in some kind of deadlock condition which blocks him to move forward. I feel pretty much mix of all.

you get gains from spouse , spouse contributes income more than yours . she may from mother side or your colleague at your workplace
don't know what houses indicate this
but it's Not me My father contributed less than my Mom and This was the issue during all their marriage. She divorced him just because of this.
it was a forced marriage.

as per vedic skill is 3rd house . placement of 3rd lord says about skills . since 3rd in 1st you are skilled in communication , business , organizing . teaching , hospitality , police , guarding , business , deal making , bargaining , occult , astrology etc . astrology interest you lot .
I come up with good ideas and analyzes those I say myself i should have written on a piece of paper. im rather critical , analytic, I can be good researcher or teacher but dont want them I would like to set up my own business or die.
into astrology for 9 years. now Occult interests me really a lot.

next guru dasa will be good for finance and family life , you live in foregin land , you also master multiple languages . elder bro disturb you if present . expenditures exceeds income . multiple romance will occur ..
i live my own country I'm the eldest to 2 sis. uncle disturbs me hes my enemy. My family members and close relatives are the hidden enemies. they were always. and this one is the eldest and only bro of mom.

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