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Re: Celibacy destined or not

hi rudhradevan .

too young to speak about spiritulaity and renounciation , this is not the age for celibacy or to become saint , you have enjoy material life in this age , even if you go sannyasi nobody welcomes it , there comes time for everything .

indeed you have married life and gonna lead happily note it down ur chart says that . leading a celibate life is not all easy and not all are lucky to have such life every one came here to reap our karma , samsara is also a part of spirituality , without leading a samsara one cannot crossed this material river , purpose of samsara is to leave a generation after you , also you have to get male child to do pitru karma after ur demise , one cant get moksha wihout his boy performing karma to him , our hindu sastra highly underlines importance of son doing karma . else your soul roams here forever without getting moksha .

if u read gita properly then you know true meaning of renounciation , renounciation is not something like leaving everything and running some where . its not like that , meaning of true renounciation is one should have detached mind on everything knowing its temporary state . should accept everything without complaining . one should not renounce duty , its compulsory . u as a person is obligated to protect your mom and dad , keep wife happy , should rise your kids in proper manner , be a responsible good citizen , do charity works , these all prescribed duties one should never deviate in that . if you do then its sin .

those gods whom you worship has numerous wifes and childrens , living happily. then why should you have to forgo everything ? for what cause does it gona benefit you in any way . realy not actually you endup in making fool yourself and there by regretting in your old ages please dont do that ...

your 2nd house of family your 7th house of spouse all are well placed , your get all pleasures in marital life , except small quarrels with wife , which is so common . that wont disturb ur married life .

reason y u r this much spiritual is because ur moon is in pushya . pushya nak person are highly spiritual upto the point of becoming saint . for them divine service comes first than anything , they devote less amount of time in family and their spouse complains of not giving enough attention . if they correct this then married life will be happy , if not then spouse tend to astray . so give enough attention to her and satisfy all her needs .

indeed u have married life which is very good , gains from spouse . working wife , chances of meeting her in same office .

marriage takes place in 2022 ......
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