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Not many people here give answers without a chart attached. I can share my thoughts about the aspects you mentioned.

Eros represents masculine sexual drive. Psyche represents a longing for a deep connection, romantic love and she is willing to challenge herself greatly in order to be with the one she loves. Eros is supposed to help Psyche evolve through this deep work and Psyche is supposed to help Eros turn his instinctual urges into soulful passion. Before Eros has found depth he may act compulsively on superficial urges. Passion stirs up creativity and they are supposed to gain that from the union. Perhaps this reunion is taking place within you. If you have difficult aspects to this conjunction there will be obstacles.

Lilith is the rejected mate. She wants to be who she is - the original feminine. She wants to be accepted for who she is. Some lilithians strive towards equality between humans and they have a connection to the original feminine, intuition, perhaps they like herbs/medicines from the nature and are connected to the natural force of sexuality. Some may accept being submissive with partners who won’t treat them as if they are equally valuable and who won’t put an effort into creating a good relationship. I don’t know what aspects you have to the conjunction.

I know one woman with Lilith conjunct Sun and one with Lilith conjunct Moon. They both ended up in long term marriages with men who were no good. They have both worked with themselves and now they value themselves more and feel like they would not accept to be badly treated again. The movie the Rose was played by Bette Midler and it is based on the life story about Janis Joplin. I read a line from the movie that goes “she gave and gave and gave until she had nothing more to give”. Both Bette and Janis have Moon conjunct Lilith. Lilith can turn self destructive. I have noticed that it seems that men with a prominent Lilith are the best picks for lilithians.

I recommend you to watch the series Outlander. The author of the books has Lilith conjunct Moon and the Asc. She has given birth details for her fictive characters. It just so happens that Jamie has Venus conjunct Lilith 0 degrees and Claire has the same conjunction by 1 degree. Her Lilith is also conjunct Sun and Mercury. Claire also has Mars conjunct NN like you do. The books/series have a strong vibe of Lilith.

With Mars on the NN you are supposed to go towards what you feel that you want. You are supposed to be able to do this independently and with courage, but don’t be selfish or like a bulldozer.
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