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Re: A theory about where you are born and your happiness in life.

Originally Posted by The19thLaw View Post
Almost a year ago, I moved from a southern state to NYC and I cannot be happier. I had an unstable childhood and I noticed that of all the places I lived in, it felt like hell when I was there. I was socially excluded more than I have ever been in my life and was on the wrong end of so many bad things.

Maybe I am speaking too soon but as many struggles as NYC has presented, it has also been enlightening and a wake up call for me. I have almost woken up in this city and despite being an adult, find it easier to make friends here than I ever did back "home".

But the truth is, there were many people who had an amazing time there and it was the time of their lives. Everything you could imagine, life just seemed so perfect for them.

Then I had a theory about it all.

It kind of hurts to think about it, how great my life would have been had I not spent so much of it in Georgia.

When I looked at kids I knew growing up who were popular, had large friend groups, and were living the life.....their astrology matched somewhat with the area. A lot of them had signs which were in similar elements or the same sign (Sun or Moon) as the state itself. In other words, they were the signs that worked harmoniously with the state and did not square it or become of a different element.

What if your happiness in a place depends on its natal chart?

I started to think of that. Thinking what if you would have had a happier childhood or adolescence in a state if it matched more with your natal chart compared to if it didn't. Like a place will make you miserable if your natal chart is in bad chemistry with it compared to being in good chemistry with it.
You have a great point 19th you really do.

I have read some threads on here (especially Vedic) where the place you are from or living right now does not go well with your chart. I think its where the planets are depending on where your based. I did a Solar return chart on myself and put in the are Im in right now (UK) then put a USA state in and the whole chart changed. My ascendant etc changed so your life will change depending on where you are. You also have to make the most of it too. take advantage of your chart
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