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Libra Rising Square my Venus?

Hello iím wondering if anyone would have any insight into the effects of My venus (chart ruler) in capricorn squaring my libra ascendant? Iím mostly curious of the effects this would have on my appearance and/or the way others perceive me. I have the typical effects of a venus square ascendant, unable to fully perceive ones own beauty although others see it and iím wondering about the significance of my rising sign also being ruled by the planet itís being squared by (double venus influence). Iím looking for ways to empower my venus and i want to fully understand the significance of the goddess/planet in my chart since itís influence is huge. i also have a taurus moon in 7th house and my venus is conjunct my IC and opposite my MC respectively. please let me know if any of you have any thoughts as to how this chart influence would play out in somebodyís beauty, personality or life. Thanks!
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