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Re: Should I get back with my ex?

Thank you, it's much more readable now.
So we have libra, but so to speak libra, because the sun is the only planet in that sign. Granted the sun is personality, ego, individuality, but it is not just the only planet in libra, it is the only air sign in your chart. You have no fire.
You really are very earth and water, aren't you.
Your friend the Capricorn on the other hand is mostly earth and air, with only two water signs, mars and pluto. This is actually important in the balance between the two of you. While you are both well grounded in earth, his air compensates for your lack of intellectual detachment, and your water helps him with emotional sensitivity.
He has moon and mercury in fire, and these are important personal planets, but this is the only fire between you both. A positive balance between two people needs some energy and initiative.
Your suns are in square, but his sun sextiles your mercury, which helps create a basis for understanding and communication.
This is very helpful here because your Venus planets are in square, giving you different tastes, you like different things, you express your affection in different ways which are difficult for each to link into. In addition, your Venus is conjunct generous, abundant, somewhat lazy Jupiter, and they are both square his Saturn that conjuncts his Venus, so he tends to put a damper on your high spirits and blocks your affection.
He emotionally is very fun loving with his sagittarius moon, he's probably a bit of a flirt, in a smooth way, he likes to play, while you are emotionally anchored with your moon in cancer.
You share almost the same mars trine pluto which is very attractive and sexy, and if we add in your Uranus this is magnetic.
However, Uranus square his mars over time will really cause explosions and arguments. It's too much energy bundled together, it causes friction and irritation.
His Uranus and Neptune oppose your cancer moon. This is very romantic and stimulating at the beginning, but when you need him emotionally, he won't be there for you, not because he is faulty but because the combination is just that way, you're on two different levels. With Neptune, you don't see him as he is, and he will tend to delude you, and to keep his Uranus-loving freedom he can deceive you.
With aires on the descendent you look for a martian type partner, but his mars opposing his Neptune/uranus will give him a bit of a temper, but he really doesn't have any mars qualities.
Both pluto planets are on his midheaven, opposing the IC of domestic life, so this is the stage where your differences will play out and conflict will come to a head. You will both try to be the head of family, and that doesn't usually work out too well.
With Uranus and Neptune in your 4th you tend to have an unsettled home life, and his Uranus and Neptune there as well will increase this tendency.
If we look at the composite, we see this Uranus/neptune energy again.
Sun is conjunct mercury reflecting that nice sun trine mercury, but these are conjunct pluto, where the power plays come into effect, and square Saturn putting a tight lid on the vitality and communications. There is also Venus square moon bringing up the differences in emotional sensitivity and comfort zones.
So, what do you think? Should you get back with your ex?
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