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Re: Should I get back with my ex?

Originally Posted by Librastar View Post
I am the Libra Sun chart.
Without even looking at the chart, the above says enough.The Libra scales will weigh every action taken before making a final decision, but once it has made it that's it.

Libra is the only sign to think 'consider us' (or me?) or, if really open-minded, the comparison between 'you' and 'I' as separate individuals within any relationship, each with their own personal tastes, likes and dislikes. At its best it can make allowances for them because it is able to see both sides of the same coin. If there's one sign that can figure out 'compatibility', it's Libra. This attitude does not exist within the character of the other 11 signs, for which there is a necessity for Libra to come to realise if it is to work as it should.

Looking at the Libra chart, there's an extremely strong water element that might mean (obsessional) emotional content takes priority above any rationality, also in thought. Feelings are easily hurt and any cut from the mildest slight runs deep. Libra may have yet to learn its value in 'thinking things through before taking action'.

he is the Capricorn Sun
Without looking at the other chart, Capricorn is far from showing feeling, let alone emotion of any kind. It doesn't mean there is none, but the effect in manifested circumstances incline it to build a self-protective wall around both. It lives through a code based upon pure pragmatism and rationality. Whatever it perceives is as it is, which it will judge accordingly. Such an attitude can come across as harsh to the other 11 signs, especially those with strong Cancer and Libra links.

Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are in natural conflict as signs because their perception of the world is totally different. Yet the views of each can help the other in their own further perception of it.
The same goes for people. Expecting another to be and act/react the same as one's self is misleading.

The Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn generation has the freedom of living outside the bounds of the instilled disciplinary rules their previous generations lived with/by. It determines its own rules, or lack of them. It makes each the master of their own fate, yet in an individual manner that best suits him/her, as per the natal chart.

Could the circumstances now lead you to make and/or re-consider and stand behind your decision?
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