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Re: Should I get back with my ex?

Are the birth times accurate?
Asking because south node is conjunct the descendent, and squares Chiron. Not particularly promising for a relationship.
The emotional level of the relationship, moon, is in the same degree as the nodes.
And moon squares Venus, so some conflict here as well.
The moon has no other contacts.
Mars trines the mercury/pluto conjunction, but is inconjunct Saturn, a difficult tension to resolve. The square with Jupiter is liveable.
Saturn squares the mercury/pluto making communication between you stilted, plus adds a dimension of power playing between you.
Venus, the affection, shared values, finances, etc, makes no other contact except for the one moon square, so not very strong or integrated.
Then there is Neptune/uranus in a conjunction and sextile the sun bringing a spirituality and Utopian vision to the forefront. You each idealise the other, and the relationship. This is probably why after breaking up and time passing you are now looking back and wondering about coming together again.
A composite, however, is based on the two natal charts. This one only shows what happens when the two are blended, when you are together. But we should really have a look at a synastry chart. What needs do each of you have in a relationship? How do your energies match up? How are the personal planets integrated, are you on similar life paths? All this should be evaluated, not just the composite.
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