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Re: Inquiry about Algol and Capulus

Originally Posted by bellafran View Post

Hi guys! I'm very new to the Astrologers' Community,
and I just had a question about a couple of fixed stars
I've been studying. I've been studying astrology for a while now,
and decided to branch out into the fixed stars.
I was immediately intrigued by the myth behind Algol,
so I inputted it into my natal chart.
Turns out Algol is in conjunction with my natal Sun by two degrees.
your birthdate is approximately mid-May then

because the suns latitude is zero degrees
and ALGOLS Latitude = +22.25'
clearly then
your sun IS NOT conjunct ALGOL by LATITUDE

your suns declination is approximately 19
meanwhle ALGOLS Declination is +40.57'
your sun IS NOT conjunct ALGOL by declination

and so
your sun is "conjunct ALGOL by longitude"
but neither by declination nor latitude

thus there is no need for concern

Originally Posted by bellafran View Post

After reading all about the mythology behind Algol, I was a little freaked.

However, I then input Capulus and the star is conjunct my sun by zero degrees.

I know this is probably a silly question,
but does having Capulus, since it is the nemesis star of Algol,
present with the conjunction between my natal Sun and Algol
possibly lessen the chance of injury often associated with having a strong aspect of Algol in your chart?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.
Thank you, and I hope I haven't broken any community rules;
this is actually my first time posting.
CAPULUS is not conjunct your natal sun by LATITUDE
CAPULUS is not conjunct your natal sun by DECLINATION
so no worries
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