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Re: Inquiry about Algol and Capulus

Originally Posted by bellafran View Post

Never mind, I think I understand what you're saying.

At the top of ""
there is a chart displaying what I believe is
the correct longitude and declination for the fixed star itself.
Do you just take those degrees and compare to your own fixed placement?

Hope I'm making sense lol

Fixed star: ALGOL
Constellation: Beta (β) Perseus
Longitude 1900: 24TAU46
Longitude 2000: 26TAU10

Declination 1900: +40.34'
Declination 2000: +40.57'

Right ascension: 03h 08m

Latitude: +22.25'

Spectral class: B8
Magnitude: 2.1 VAR

by noting the location of ALGOL in the years 1900 and 2000
the table at the top of that page that you mention
illustrates that Fixed stars "travel"
just one degree of longitude every approximately 72 years

to FIND the LATITUDE and DECLINATION of your natal chart ALGOL
click on the link to "additional tables pdf"
that appears top left above natal chart drawings on

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