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Re: Infertility. Can you see it in my chart?


I'm not sure. Infertility might be a Mars problem. However general factors come into play

It can also be about Pluto. Pluto the generational planet
Sagittarius empty can mean a general loss of luck in life

Sun in Libra likes relationships so much.

Here's a general reading to cheer you up:
Sun in Libra and Moon in Aqua:
You are happy (libra) you do well in life (libra) and you are forthright adventurous (Aqua) and usually technical.

Mercury in libra makes your mind pleasant, and adjusts your life well to reality.

Asc in Libra is good - it means a playful nature and psychology somehow

Mars is in cancer, yes but you can use that mars by becoming a major active force in your career

God bless
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