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Re: Conjuction Uranus Nepturne in 3rd house

Originally Posted by Mike9 View Post
Hello everybody!Can you plz help me understand what this conjuction means in my 3rd house?Uranus and Nepturne have strange energies and i wonder how they can work together in that house.
these two are generational planets and involved in a nice kite configuration.

“Whenever a person has a kite in his chart, he is considered to be more likely to be successful in his endeavours because the opposition will give him the push to go out and conquer the obstacles that are presented to him, and the sextiles will give him a little bit more harmony once he has achieved his goals.”

Do you identify strongly with Scorpio Asc as it's ONLY just in there?? how sure are you of your TOB

uranus rules your IC/home roots/family matters.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the Third House
Childhood experiences had an exceptionally strong influence on your emotional security foundation. Your upbringing was influenced strongly by a close relative or relatives and could have been more education oriented than usual.
pisces/neptune ruler of 5th in 3rd suggests children will pay attention to you and influence your thoughts, could be good for teaching...

Uranus in 3rd House - cadent house
· Humanity and social idealism will be prominent both in thought and discussions.
· They will have an unusual intuitive mind. Unconventional ones, will need mental stimulation and ­education for advancement. Interrupted early education quite possible
· Odd siblings. Unusual car.
· Great mental restlessness. Keen and alert mind but lacking in concentration.
· Sudden and unexpected urges to travel may keep this individual on the move.
· Upsets where brothers and sisters are concerned.
· Apt to feel bit like an alien in his home environment. Upsets in home life in growing up years can cause suffering especially if Uranus is afflicted.
· Dare to challenge existing educational and community facilities and policies. Welcome the collapse of outdated ideas rather than becoming a victim of them.

Neptune in 3rd House – cadent house
How you think ‑ ideas (Cadent house). True inspiration and keep this to yourself! Spiritual experiences ‑ mental things you won't want to speak about. Very good imagination with possible uses such as writing books, fairy stories, romance stories. Called to make sacrifices for siblings. Possibly never had time to be a child. Dyslexia possible ‑ foggy and woolly mindedness ‑ head in clouds if badly aspected. Clear in your mind as to what you want to say, but doesn't come out how you mean it to! Procrastinate ‑ will put things off ‑ worry about it tomorrow attitude. Capacity for visualisation is often well developed. Musical. Telepathic tendencies. Inclined to study occult and mystical subjects. You feel you must share your knowledge impartially and act as a panel for information.

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