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Re: Hello!Can you read my chart and also suggest some career ideas?

You seem to have the potential not just to be analytical, but also interested in getting to the bottom of things the Virgo stellium, then Pluto your ruling planet opposing your Moon.

This could indeed involve some kind of trouble-shooting, but maybe also involvement in research, detective work, forensics maybe?

You may be a natural lecturer, with your MC ruler conjunct Jupiter and your Grand Trine in Erath may draw you to some kind of cuttingedge in natural science. You should perhaps follow your heart as far as your maininterests in life go.

There is not much fire in your chart, so despite the Jupiter/Sun thing, it may not be as easy as all that for you to project yourself well with confidence. Dealing with insecurity may not bre easy for you, so possibly you should try to look for job stability than otherwise when considering careeers.
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